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Cadillac International is a reliable source to purchase your vintage Cadillac products. Our excellent product availability means you get the right item on time the first time, delivering complete customer satisfaction. We provide the latest computer and internet technologies to keep our cost down, enabling us to pass the saving onto our customers.

Vintage Cars I
Classic cars are among the five best hobbies of American males. The antique car market is in a constant spin. Each new generation of fans will embrace past collections of oldies plus a new one because after 25 years a "classic car" is denominated vintage.

Vintage Cars II
In order to become a "classic" a car must have a few characteristics that make them singular like quantity produced, special features, availability.
Car collectors and historians all around the world exchange information through magazines and car trade shows.

Cadillac's have always been one of the favorites among car collectors. Many collectors describe that popularity due to the extensive use of chrome on the body and the association with the space race in the fifties and sixties. Some believe Cadillac designers in the fifties purposely designed women's breasts on some of the enormous bumpers.

Cadillac International
Cadillac International started operations in 1989 out of a phone line, an ad and a list of just a few suppliers. Today its exposure to the Internet, with the site Cadillac International.com, Cadillac International's business is growing not only in the US but into global markets.

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